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Purchase Owned Bank Draft

Black Stone International offers many types of financial instruments to those that are seeking funds for their financial endeavors. There are many ways to arrange non-recourse collateral, recourse collateral, or even credit-enhancement. We work with many investors from Europe, and North American banking institutions. These bank drafts are issued by banks listed as the World Top 100 and are delivered to you in hard copy form.


We Protect Our Client Deposits Fully Through 2 Levels of Protection

A Two Percent (2%) Non-Performance Penalty

Two Percent (2%) damage fee will apply to a Party that fails to perform. The 2% shall apply in both cases, either when the Provider has sent a Corporate Invoice which the Beneficiary’s Bank will not respond or pay, and/or when the Beneficiary’s Bank is ready willing and able to receive the BANK INSTRUMENTS and no BANK INSTRUMENTS is delivered from the Providers Bank by SWIFT MT-110 or Hard Copy.

A Program to Refund Deposits

With our agreement with banks, that bank becomes responsible for payment when the transaction becomes complete.
When a bank endorsed an agreement, the bank becomes responsible before our company is paid any fees by the client. We are the only Bank Instrument Facilitators in the

14 Advantages to Purchasing a Bank Draft

Our Progam operates with the Top 100 World Banks.
These Bank Drafts are available in Euros only.
There is a low purchase rate of only 50%
You have up to five days to complete the payment after delivery to your institution.
The SWIFT MT110 or a copy of the bank draft with the buyer’s name is included.
Everything you pay is protected.
No credit checks, personal or corporate.
You do not have to produce documents of your project.
After the agreement is signed, it is returned within 72 hours.
Easy delivery of the hard copy to the buyer or by SWIFT MT110.
Brokers can receive a commission of up to 2.5%
Bank drafts are specific due to the specifications of the client
All agreements have a 2 % non-performance penalty.
Rest assured because your deposit is 100% protected.

Requirements for an Owned Bank Draft Deposit:

Face Value in Euros Bank Instrument Purchase Owned Rate Deposit Required After Bank Endorsement Minimum Deposit
1 Million to 500 Million Owned Bank Draft 50% with Swift MT110 Delivery 5% of the Face Value €50,000
1 Million to 500 Million Owned Bank Draft 40% Hard Copy with no Swift confirmation 5% of the Face Value €50,000

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