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Owned SBLC Monetization

We never require our clients to pay upfront fees for monetization and are only compensated when a project is completed. This is the agreement that we contractually have with our clients and Black Stone International.

Through a Leased Standby Letter of Credit, we can monetize this and provide you with a loan, through careful negotiations with an attorney trustee office in USA. This is a loan that you will very seldom have to pay back, and if you do end up having payments, they will be at a low rate. our clients will received their funds from an attorney trust IOLTA federal bank account with a legal opinion so our clients won’t have to deal with problems on the released of their funds with their local banks.


The Monetizer must return the Leased Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) to the Issuing bank 15 days before the Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) expiration.

Monetization LTV for a Non-Recourse Loan (this loan have a lower LTV but you don’t have to pay back):

Loan to Value (LTV) for a Leased Standby Letter of Credit of 10M to 500M – 65% Non-Recourse Loan with a Rated Bank instrument or 45% Non-Recourse Loan with a Non-Rated Bank instrument.

Monetization LTV for a Recourse Loan:

10M to 500M Leased Standby Letter of Credit – 65% Recourse Loan with a Non Rated Bank instrument or 80% Recourse Loan with a Rated Bank instrument – This loan has an interest between 2% to 7.5% per annum and can span up to ten years in length.

Note 5 % commission is paid on Non-Recourse and Recourse Loans.

How Long Does it Take?

Up to two weeks after the paperwork is completed or a week after the instrument is SWIFT, DTCC, or Euroclear.

Disbursement of Loan:
The loan is disbursed in 12 months.
Once the MT-760 is authenticated, three weeks later 20 percent of the loan will be disbursed.
A month after the original disbursement 20 percent more will be given.
Finally, the last 60 percent of the loan will divide over the ten month period and will occur monthly.

SWIFT Closing Process
Once the paperwork is completed, the client’s sends SWIFT MT799 to the bank to set up the release.
The Monetizer’s bank, after receiving the SWIFT MT799 from the client’s bank, will reply with a SWIFT MT799 RWA to received.
Once the clients’s bank receives the RWA to received the bank instrument, client’s sends SWIFT MT760 to monetizer’s bank.
Once these SWIFT MT760 are received and authenticated, the monetizer’s must respond within a week to grant the non recourse loan.
At the end of a year, the Monetizer has to return the SBLC within 15 days of the anniversary of the contract.

Euroclear & Bloomberg Closing Process:

Once the contract is signed, the client will talk to their institution and instructs them to use the Euroclear Delivery to coordinate the delivery of the BG.
The client’s institution must email a certified receipt of the BG delivery through Euroclear.
Once the receipt is acknowledged the Monetizer has a week to grant the LTV Non Recourse Loan.
The BG has to be returned no more than 15 days before the contract has been signed for a year.
Required Documents:
Fill out the Bank Instrument Monetization Application
Complete all parts of the Bank Instrument Monetization Application and email it to: helpdesk@blackstonefunding.org
Compliance Standard:
Accepted Standard: Bank Instruments HAVE to be from Rated Banks and Delivered through Euroclear, Bloomberg, DTCC, or SWIFT.
Rejected Standard: Bank Instrument that come from the Forbidden Assets and Financial Instrument Providers List

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